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Hear a sample of "The Nazarite's Vow" by C. A. Coates
COMPACT DISC  ♦   Bibles, etc. Inc. are now able to make available in audio format some of the valuable, educational, and motivational ministry that has previously only been available in readable form. These CDs can be listened to on any current CD player.
DIGITAL FORMAT  ♦   The same recordings are available for download in Mp3 format. These can then be loaded into an Mp3 player or other digital device. There is a small charge for the download.
These recordings are already being listened to on planes, trains, and cars as persons travel or commute to work. Bedridden and older brethren who find reading difficult are now able to listen.
BECOME A READER  ♦  The Library is growing continually, especially as more readers become available. We welcome readers who can read clearly and give "the sense." Nehemiah 8:8. If you feel you would like to try reading, a reading guidelines document can be accessed by clicking on this link.

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