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Put Your Captain's Name In It -- Author unknown

A very sobering story of a dying sea captain and his concern about the hereafter,
and how a poor cabin boy is used to bring him to salvation. A very moving and convicting story, and the question put to the reader is
"Can you put your name in it?"

A 6 page folder, 4" X 7"

Free Salvation today... -- J.N.Darby

"If we examine the value of the death of Christ, what do we find attached to it in Scripture?" Written by J. N. Darby, this tract asks a series of questions of the reader to raise the question with them about the need for salvation. Easy to read. It easily fits in a shirt pocket or purse.
A 6 page folder, 3.5" X 5.5"

Satisfaction -- J. Renton

This tract begins, "Are you searching, as many are today, for satisfaction? I can tell you that you willnever arrive at it in the things of this world." The writer is very gentle yet direct in his approach to the reader. This tract also easily fits in a pocket or purse.
A 6 page folder, 3.5" X 5.5"

For This Thing is From Me -- J.N.Darby

"The disappointments of life are in reality only the decrees of love. I have a message for thee this day, My child; I will whisper it softly in thine ear, in order that the storm clouds which appear, may be gilt with glory, and that the thorns on which thou mayest have to tread, may he blunted. The message is short-a tiny sentence-but allow it to sink into the depth of thine heart, and be to thee a cushion on which to rest." (see 1 Kings 12:24).
A pocket size 6 page pamphlet.

The Incomparable Christ -- Author unknown

"More than two thousand years ago there was a baby conceived contrary to the laws of nature. He grew into manhood and lived in poverty and was reared in obscurity. He did not travel extensively; rarely did He cross the boundary of the country in which He lived.
"He possessed neither wealth nor influence. His relatives were inconspicuous, and He had neither training nor formal education..."
A pocket size 6 page pamphlet.

Peace in the Middle East? -- H. Lidbeck

The question is often asked in these days, "Will there ever be Peace in the Middle East?" The author carefully points out that there must be peace in our hearts before the King of Peace can reign.
A 6 page folder, 3.5" X 7"

A White Crow Named Jim -- W.H.Chellberg

A tract relating the personal story of W.H.Chellberg. How God came in and answered the prayers of a family struggling during the Great Depression of the 1920's.
A 6 page folder, 3.5" X 5.5"

A Message for You -- C.A.Coates

"With all the earnestness of which I am capable, I warn you against this delusion. There is no middle class, no neutral ground... souls are either saved or lost." By Charles A Coates.
Booklet of 8 pages, 4" X 7"
The Way of Life Made Plain

These leaflets were written and translated by a preacher of the gospel while he was involved with Radio Free Europe. Norman H. Camp was responsible for distributing over 10,000,000 of these over the years.
[See the English sample below.]

Cover Sample

English -- 022-103-E

Back Sample

Bulgarian 022-103-B

French 022-103-F

Italian 022-103-I

Polish 022-103-P

Portuguese 022-103-Por
Coming Soon
Spanish 022-103-S
Coming Soon
Ukranian 022-103-U
This gospel leaflet appeals to the audience not to stay a captive of Satan and assures them there is a way out.
It is a 6 page folder 3.5" X 5.5".
English Version

Spanish Version

A Different Jesus
Do you want this?

This gospel tract shows the fallacy of the Mormon religion -- from their own words. They even say it that they believe in a different Jesus.
This tract is 6 pages 3.5" X 7".
English Version

Spanish Version

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