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1. Go to
2. In the upper right of your screen find a magnifying glass, click on it.
3. Enter the search words of the item desired, and press enter/return.
4. When LuLu has found the listing -- you may need to scroll down through            other titles and other authors with similarr titles.
     a) some books have softcover, hardcover, and eBook options -
           check the price.
     b) again, there are other authors that may use the same title --BEWARE!
5. Click on the title of your selected item, and you will see the item details.
           Make sure the item is in the correct binding, or is an eBook.
6. Click "Add to Cart" (your screen will not change).
7. In the upper right of your screen you will see a shopping cart with a number indicating how many different titles you have ordered, click on it and follow the prompts to finish your order.


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No longer do booksellers need to have an inventory of books sitting on shelves gathering dust. Books can now be stored in digital files and when needed are printed and bound and delivered to the customer.

LuLu Press are one of the largest printing compnaies that do this. The correct term for it is "print-on-demand". When you complete your order (as shown above) it is sent to your nearest plant (they have facilities in several countries). There it is printed, bound, and shipped to you. This usually happens within 4 - 6 days, shipping is up to the shipping service.

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