Church Shopping?
Being an email conversation
between two friends.

email from PJ…

Dear James,

As you know I changed churches about five years ago and I remember you were upset with me for it. I have always appreciated that you did not cut me off but continued our friendship. And over these years, and having had certain conversations with you, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the church of which I am now a member. Could you outline for my wife Rebecca and me how to go about finding the right church? A couple we are friends with have recently had the same desire and have for quite a few Sundays been visiting other congregations and have not found anywhere that suited them. I would like to know how to evaluate a pastor and a church. The problem is we can find a good pastor in a certain denominational church, one we might resonate with, and yet when we go to another church of the same denomination, we don't like that pastor. It is such a quandary to know what to do. I hope you can help us sort this out.

Love in our Lord Jesus,


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