Understanding Deuteronomy 21


Let me begin by giving the background to the thoughts that are set out here. A few years ago, exercises came upon us locally that were quite controversial and none of us (locally) could safely say that we had the necessary answers. At that time I was struck by the words at the end of verse 5 of Deuteronomy 21, "and according to their word shall be every controversy." I became interested in looking into the chapter as a divinely given template for godly enquiry into any controversy and sought to understand the spiritual elements symbolically portrayed in it. It was at this time I first began to pray earnestly to God for help in understanding this portion of his word. I read quite a few articles from J.T.snr's ministry and also Mr. Coate's outline on the chapter and continued to ponder God's word. Most of the impressions given in the following pages come largely from what I gleaned at that time, but the Lord has graciously continued to add further thoughts from time to time. I seek here to put down in writing, the meaning in the detail of Deuteronomy 21.

The Primary Bearing/Interpretation

Mr. TayIor's Ministry briefly outlines the chapter's application to a division in a local assembly. On the other hand Mr. Coates in his outline, touches on the interpretation of the scripture (or in other words its primary bearing) in relation to the Jews and the crucifixion of Christ. It is as well to go over the primary bearing first as this will help us to better understand its appropriate application.

A summary of the interpretation is along the following lines: Israel viewed as having been brought into the area of divine blessing and things gone horribly wrong.

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