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What Have They Seen in Thy House - A Marriage Meeting Address - J. P. Ramsden <♦> An excellent short address on the household to be set up, and the need to consider for the Lord in it.
The booklet is 4" X 7" and contains 8 pages.

$ 1.25

To The Parents of My Grandchildren - G. C. Willis (a grandfather) <♦> One of the best books available that gives Scriptural instruction for the raising of children. He draws from families throughout the Bible.
The booklet is 5" X 7.25" and contains 190 pages.
$ 7.25

Devoted ! - A Lady Called Selina - B. Kjellberg <♦> A true story written with the intent to motivate the younger reader. This is the story of the life of Lady Selina, the Countess of Huntingdon -- a very wealthy woman who, during the reign of George III of England, spent her entire fortune on the furtherance of the gospel. - The booklet is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 60 pages with several photos ***
ISBN: 978-0-912868-20-2
$ 5.95

Little Pilgrim's Progress - - John Bunyan's Classic <♦> Re-written by Helen L. Taylor about a young boy whose name is Christian. He is seeking the Celestial City. Written in modern language for young people of all ages.
The softcover book is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 323 pages.
$ 10.50

Pilgrim's Progress - Being an Allegory - John Bunyan <♦> Contains the full story of Christian seeking the Celestial City. The binding is a glossy laminated cover containing black and white illustrations.
The hardcover book is 8" X 9.5" and contains 192 pages.
$ 18.00

Pligrim's Progress - Being an Allegory - John Bunyan <♦> A description of the life a a Christian from the time of his conversion until we arrives in glory. Very graphic and very beautifully illustrated with many full page color pictures. The binding is a work of art and would grace any presentation. Black leatherette with gold foil and a clear plastic book jacket.
The hardcover book is 8" X 12" and contains 152 pages.
$ 30.00

The Christian Household - Edward Dennett <♦> Christian household relationships are clearly outlined and the Scriptural teaching is very persuasive. Some subjects covered are: the Christian and Natural Relationships -The Household as a circle of Grace - Wives - Husbands - Children - Fathers - Servants and Masters. Softcover (Perfect bound), 136 pages, 4" (100mm) X 6.5" (165mm).   $ 5.25

Affection for Christ --Its Awakening, Decline and Revival --
By C.A.Coates <♦>
A plea and a call to us to renew our affection for the One (Jesus) who endured the cross and despised the shame on our account.

The booklet is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 28 pages.
$ 1.25

Cleaving to the Lord - Counsel to Young Christians - J. N. Darby <♦> A very well written piece in which he says, "The fact is your heart is too big for the world; it cannot fill it. It is too little for Christ, for He fills heaven; yet He will fill you to overflowing."
The booklet is 4" X 7" and contains 12 pages.
$ 1.25

The Fellowship of God's Son - Edward Dennett <♦> The principles of Christian fellowship are clearly and convincingly set out in this series of 4 letters written to a friend.
The booklet is softcover 4" X 7" contains 30 pages.
$ 1.25

God's Ways With Us - In relation to His purpose - G. H. Williams <♦> A man who knew suffering and physical limitations for most of his life, ending almost completely immobile has written this wonderful piece explaining in a most beautiful way how God works with us to bring about His purpose.
The booklet is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 32 pages.
$ 2.00

The Importance of the Christian Woman's Covering - Author unknown, edited by W.S.C. <♦> Very helpful for Christian women wanting to walk according the the standards set out in the Holy Scriptures. It provides a very thorough coverage of the subject.
The booklet is 4" X 6.25" and contains 20 pages.
$ 1.00

It is the Lord's Commandment - A. E. Myles <♦> This address, given in 1933, is as pertinent today as it was then. The Lord's Supper is the central feature externally of Christianity and needs to be guarded carefully because the enemy is set on destroying any remembrance of Christ.
The booklet is 4" X 7" and contains 16 pages.
$ 1.25

The Moral Glories of the Lord Jesus Christ - J. G. Bellett <♦> This is a classic of our times. "It is the moral glories, or as we speak, the character of the Lord Jesus, on which I meditate on these pages."
Softcover (Perfect bound) 5" X 7" and contains 80 pages.
$ 4.25

The Spirit of Forgiveness - A. E. Myles <♦> This address, given in England in 1927, is an setting out of the truth of forgiveness; it's function and effects among the people of God.
The booklet is 4" X 7" and contains 12 pages.
$ 1.25

The Administration of Cleansing - Stanley McCallum <♦> An address given in Melbourne, Australia in 1953 relating the cleansing of the leper to the restoration of one who has come under disciplne today. The Scriptures used are: 2 Corintians 2:4-11, Leviticus 1:10-20, 1 Kings 7:23. The booklet is softcover 4" X 7" contains 20 pages. $ 1.25

A Return to First Principles - By Hugh Kane <♦> This is a very well laid out publication outlining clearly the basic Christian principles of gathering.
The booklet is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 28 pages.
$ 3.00

Why We Meet as We Do - Address in Chicago in 1926 - Herbert Gill <♦> The author is very clear in setting our the basic principles of our gatherings and has a nice appeal.
The booklet is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 16 pages.
$ 2.00

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