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Including the Truth of the Rapture, the premillenial Return of Jesus Christ,
and the return of Israel to their land.

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"Coming Events"

W. Scott (reformatted)

A concise and easily understood booklet describing the COMING EVENTS that are found in Scripture. With an easily understood CHART. It is especially useful for younger persons to get an overview of God's plan for His people (Israel) and His Chrurch (The Assembly).

Booklet, 5.5" X 8.5" softcover, 16 pages with Chart.
Originally printed by G. Morrish in the early 1900's.

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$ 1.00

The Approaching End -- as God has Foretold it.

George Cutting

This booklet contains a very wide sweeping view of the future in easy to understand language. It is sub-headed, which helps the reader to follow. Recommended for young readers. It was written about 1910.
Booklet, 5.5" X 8.5" softcover, 24 pages.
(Originally printed about 1910.)

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$ 2.00

Future Events & The Coming Glories
Walter Scott

You'll find Walter Scott's brief answers to 215 common questions about prophetic truth a helpful way to jump in and out of this vital subject. These are not designed to give a point by point coverage of prophecy. It is hoped you can quickly look up topics using the Scripture and subject indices.

Softcover book, 5" X 8" softcover, 300 pages.
$ 9.00

Christ as the Morning Star and
the Sun of Righteousness
Edward Dennett

Sketch of the interval between the Rapture of the Church and the Appearing of Christ in glory.

Hardcover book, 5" X 7" softcover, 90 pages.
$ 9.00

The Blessed Hope:     Being Papers on the Lord's Coming and Connected Events
By - Edward Dennett
The chapter titles are:
* The Hope of the Church
* Is it a Present or Deferred Hope?
* The Rapture of the Saints
* The Judgment Seat of Christ
* The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
* The Restoration of the Jews
* The Apostasy and the Antichrist
* The Great Tribulation
* The Appearing of Christ
* The Kingdom of Christ
* The New Jerusalem
* The Great White throne and the Eternal State

Pamphlet, 78 pages, 5.5" X 8.5"
$ 6.00

The Scroll of Time by - J. A. Savage
"In considering the epochs and dispensations of Scripture, and the truths connected with them... facts are isolated and examined by themselves, and certain conclusions deduced therefrom, without properly considering the connections these truths may have with others in the Word."

Hardcover, 228 pages -- with colored chart included.
$ 16.00

The Scroll of Time by - J. A. Savage

Same book as above except in colorful softcover.

$ 10.00
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