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The Lord's Supper
A collection of ministry on the Lord's Supper, by various authors --

The intention is publishing these two volumes on the precious subject of the Lord's Supper is that interested persons can have as much ministry at their fingertips as possible.

Volume 1 has 392 pages -- 6" X 9"
Volume 2 has 411 pages -- 6" X 9"
Volume 1

Volume 2
Volume 1

Volume 2
The Last Days of James Butler Stoney

A touching book about Mr. Stoney's last days, with a day-to-day account by his daughter, including papers and letters and a contemporary eye-witness description of his burial.
Specifications: size 6" X 9" -- 296 pages -- Brown Hardcover and Softcover

$21.95 $9.95

Poems and Addresses -- by Joseph Pellatt

The book is preceded by a biography that was never done before. These poems were last published 100 years ago. The addresses included were never published in book form.

Specifications: 80 pages, 6" X 9" in softcover & hardcover.

$15.95 $5.95
The Unveiling -- by P. R. Morford

Notes of Readings on the book of Revelation at Clapham in 1909-1910. The word Revelation means "unveiling."

Specifications: 6" X 9" 132 pages, in softcover and hardcover
$17.95 $ 5.95
Five Addresses on John's Gospel -- by Thomas H. Reynolds

These addresses contain much good food for the flock and were delivered by Mr. T. H. Reynolds in 1901, being published by Mr. E. L. Bevir in "Helps for the Poor of the Flock" during that year.

Specifications: 6" X 9" 48 pages, in softcover only.
* * * $ 3.75
Lectures & Papers on Prophecy -- by Thomas H. Reynolds

This book contains 5 lectures and 15 papers concerning the subject of prophecy. The 7 Churches of The Revelation and other subjects of prophecy are covered. (There are two replies to questions that were asked of Mr. Reynolds.)

Specifications: 6" X 9" 164 pages, in hardcover and softcover.
$ 18.95 $ 6.95

Pilgrim Songs -- by John Bodman (of Quemerford)

This is a collection of poems by Mr. Bodman taken to be with the Lord in 1896.

Specifications: 6" X 9" 28 pages, softcover only.
* * * $ 5.95
Vessel, and other verse --
by David C Brown

This is a selection of shorter verse written over a number of years, in which I have tried to express thoughts about the Lord Jesus and Christian truth. I believe they will encourage Christians, and attract others to the knowledge of Christian truth.

Specifications: 6" X 9" 64 pages, softcover only.
* * * $ 4.35
Songs and Hymns --
by David C Brown

A selection of hymns and Christian songs that I have written over the last 40 years.

Specifications: 6" X 9" 112 pages, softcover only.
* * * $ 2.62
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